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Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern - Review Tips and Tricks

Basic Info: Coleman Northstar single tube type propane lantern

My Experience: Used it many many times camping out in the desert from extremes of mid 20s to upper 90s


Pros: Very bright light, much brighter than most dual mantle lanterns I have seen, easy to attached mantles

Cons:  After a few times use in the desert with blowing sand and dust, the electonic ignition stopped working, I took it apart cleaned it out and it worked for a few more trips, but it stopped working after a few more trips I use a lighter now.

Tips Recommendations: If you are car camping or even using propane products, I would definately reccomend getting a bar-b-que size propane tank, and the distribution "T" with hoses for grills and small propane bar-b-que's you will definatelty save money in the long run compared to the buying the disposable propane tanks that sometimes can cost upwards of 5 dollars if your caught in the wrong place and "need" one.

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page last updated 2-8-12