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Coleman Powercat Heater review and testing

Basic Info: Coleman Propane Catalytic heater with fan safe to use in tents

My Experience: Camping in tents and trailers from below freezing to mid 50s

Pros: Works great and the fan helps to circulate the heat, although I have ran it a few times without the fan, because the batteries were dead. Works great to turn on in the tent before you get in to take the chill off, just remember to have a spare propane tank.

Cons: D batteries are expensive and heavy, and it can use a lot of propane sometimes (2) 16oz bottles in one night. I have however found out if you don't run the fan, although it produces less heat it seems to use less propane

Tips Recommendations: Batteries and extra propane tanks, I've also picked up from Harbor Frieght a special valve used to re-fill small 16oz propane tanks from the larger bar-b-que tanks.

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page last updated 2-8-12