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Coleman Zephyr Hanging Tent LED light and Fan Review

Basic Info: Hanging tent fan/light with 4 white LED lights and 1 amber light for use as a night light. Fan also has a high and low setting runs on (4) D batteries

My Experience: Works great, the light is just enough to see at night, and the amber light works great as a night light on those dark moonless night, the fan helps circulate the air, especially when using a tent heater such as the coleman powercat heater it will improve its performance as well.

Pros: Great light for inside tent, the night light will run literally for days on (4) D batteries, i'm also amazed at how long the fan and regular light will run on (4) D batteries. I have used this light/fan combo on extended trips and accidently left the light and or fan on all weekend and it still made it through a 3-4 day weekend.

Cons: Batteries when they do run out are expensive and heavy to pack, and if the fan blades and motor get dirty it can become noisy

Tips Recommendations: Extra Batteries, although a fresh set of D's will last through a regular weekend with regular use

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page last updated 2-8-12