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Eureka Equinox 6 Review and Testing - 3 Season Tent Review

Basic info:

Easy set up, self-supporting 6-pole hexagonal tent with Eureka! Hub
75D StormShieldŽ cloth fly and 4 oz. oxford floor fabric improve durability and resistance to UV, acid rain, tearing
All major seams taped and factory sealed for weather protection
Lightweight shock-corded 5/8" pre-bent aluminum frame
Twin-track, side opening door
Large zippered windows on 2 side panels
Full coverage fly provides maximum protection; hooded over the windows and brimmed over the door for all-weather ventilation, more info

My Experience:

I purchased this tent in December 2006 after extensive research online looking to find a tent suitable for the style of camping I do. The desert is not always the nicest place to camp and having the right gear is essential for comfort. The main problem with newer tents in most retail stores seems to be the new trend to include lots of mesh with no option to close it up with flaps or zippers. Mesh is okay for lots of airflow in hot or humid conditions, but when the wind kicks up the dirt and sand, you want to be able to close your windows and keep as much of it out as possible. I decided to go with the Eureka Equinox 6 tent for its sealable window design and strength in the wind, six pole umbrella design, quick connecting clips, pin and rings, and the connections for the poles. This along with the rainfly makes this tent very solid overall, although hard to tell from the photograph those were 35-45mph winds blowing sand at the Glamis Sand Dunes in California.

This along with the rainfly makes this tent solid in the wind, although hard to tell from the photograph those were 35-45mph with blowing sand at the Glamis Sand Dunes, CA


Zipper Failure: Now during my first trip to the desert with the tent, with sand blowing for about 2 days straight I started to experience zipper failure on the front door. After the trip I just thought it was the wind and sand and it wouldn't be like that, well a second windy trip to Glamis and the tent would no longer zip up at all, and it was a fight and 3 person job to get it to track and work correctly, but when I got home I called Eureka and they gladly sent me out a zipper repair kit, and 3 Glamis trips later I have not had any trouble with the zipper at all.

Sealable Vents: Although you are able to seal the roof vent and window vent mesh, I was still left with a fine powder of dust that had entered either from the zipper and/or the breathable material used on  parts of the construction. When camping in Glamis with windstorms, but its no where near the amount sand that I noticed from other tents.

Windablility: Excellent!, when staked down properly this tent is rock solid and its been through some 50mph+ gusts

Update 4-26-07 Well I guess I spoke too soon, after some wind last weekend in Dove Springs, my rainfly started to separate at the seem, this was on the day I was leaving so I packed it up, called Eureka customer service 1-800 572-8822, very friendly and informative and they storm damage is not covered, but since is separated at the seem to send it in and they would look at it and let me know either repair or replacement, so I received an RMA number and will post an update when I hear back from them. see pics


Update 5-9-07 Called Eureka they received the rainfly and told me 5-7 weeks ? ? ? I told them that I wasn't told this when I originally called so they are trying to put a "rush" on it. we'll see what happens. I guess no camping for me for a while. Maybe they should have an RMA program like computer parts ha ha ha.

Updated 7-1-07 Been a while since I updated, but Eureka sent me a new rain fly no charge a few weeks after I sent mine back, they DO stand behind there product and have great customer service :)


1. I recommend buying a set of 6 caribiners to hook to each stake position, it makes staking the tent a lot easier (pics soon)

2. After all the issues with the zipper for 2 Trips, I shortened the poles for the door brim about 1" on the left and 2" on the right, this relieved a lot of stress on the zipper.

Recommended Accessories:

1. Carbiner to clip to poles to ease staking

2. Gear loft, great for storing those small items you like to keep handy

3. Coleman Zephyr LED tent light fan combo

*Update 12-15-09, I have since bought a Toy Hauler, and sold this tent to a friend, but I would still recommend this tent and the best tent for desert camping, because of its sturdy design and the ability to close up all the mesh, I still needed a small tent for overnighters in the mountains and deserts so I went with an REI backpacking tent, reviews to follow.

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