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To provide a free no registration required website for information on Southern California riding areas and gear reviews

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Started back in the early 2000s  with www.GoDunes.com before MySpace and Facebook I started to play around with website design and decided to use my some of the thousands of pictures I have taken and build an informative website on places to ride and camp in Southern California. I’ve had legal issues, web hosting issues, domain issues, camera issues and for the last 6-8 years I haven’t updated much and the site was beginning to look and be outdated, so now in 2018 I’ve decided for a website facelift

I’ve been camping and offroading in the desert for over 30 years now and I’ve been through a lot of gear. I’ve made lots of choices in what to purchase based on all my combined experience from other people and my own experience. I’ve gone through lots of gear with some being of good quality and some just downright terrible. I realize some gear will wear out over time with normal use, and other types just don’t hold up at all. Dealing with the extremes of the desert such as below freezing temperatures at night to over 100 degree weather during the day (along with 50-60 mph sandstorms), having the right gear can help you enjoy the outdoors and make an otherwise miserable time much more enjoyable for you and your family or friends. You can read the reviews on this site and hopefully make a decision on what gear is right for you!

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